Delivery Information

My tracking shows delivered but I don’t have my package, what do I do?
Before reporting non-receipt of a package, please be sure you check with neighbors, roommates, family members or anyone else who may have been home at the time the package was delivered.

If your package is still lost or missing, you must contact us within 10 days to file a claim. We will be more than happy to assist you in working with the carrier to complete the claims process.

Please reach out to Customer Care, be prepared to provide the information below and submit a case HERE.

Order Number

Tracking Number

Delivery/Shipping Address,

Description of Events Leading to Claim Having to be Filed

Reason for Claim

Claim Amount (amount of order)

Zyem does not hold or accept responsibility for packages that have been reported as delivered by the carrier. We do not issue refunds or credits for packages that the carrier confirms as being delivered. If you would like to review additional details regarding our Shipping Policies please click HERE.